Ghostie game jam game

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A VN about being a ghost

chrissy / cm0nster/ capthastings
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too late

I'll add other builds tomorrow.
Never mind, i'm not going to do that

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This is excellent. I found

This is excellent. I found it weird clyde wasn't more obviously distraught, but maybe Overwatch is an excellent coping mechanism.

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I keep trying to tell you

I keep trying to tell you how good overwatch is, but now my game has done it for me. Thanks for playing!

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There is no wrong way to

There is no wrong way to grieve. But I was playing a character who was long thought dead, but came back to finish the Fight.
Also worth noting is that Do Kyung-soo didn't seem fazed either.

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I think "good ghostie" would be an excellent handle for an online message board...

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Especially if you're a

Especially if you're a lurker! It's all yours.