Gobblin' Ghost

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This is GOBBLIN' GHOST. Made for the Bo-Tober Game Jam here at Glorious Trainwrecks.

You are the hungry dead! Scare the trick-or-treaters into dropping their candy, then push it into your Gravestone so you can eat it later. Collect as much as you can before sunrise. Try for a high score!*

SPACEBAR/JOYSTICK BUTTON 3: Extend your ectoplasm/scare trick-or-treaters

Most graphics by Clickteam. Sounds made in BFXR. Background music from the playonloop.com website.

*: Anything over 600 is pretty good.

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I love that spooky ectoplasm

I love that spooky ectoplasm arm and the delightful smile on the ghost. Using the arm to both spook and collect your candy is a really fun mechanic. (I can just imagine the little green ghost greedily stuffing its face back in the safety of its grave.)

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pushin that candy

I liked the movement for the candy a lot. It moved really well, all bouncy and far. I tried to optimize by attacking a lot of kids at once and then trying to move the candy at the same time but I think that just screwed me up. The ghost was so cute, too.

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Yep, a lot of candies on screen will increase your score, but they serve as obstacles when you want to throw your candies in. Watch out. :)

Happy to hear you all enjoyed it!

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Extremely enjoyable!

Extremely enjoyable!

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If they don't want to lose

If they don't want to lose their candy then they should come near my GRavEe!

Sometimes it feels like I'm slinging the candy with my arm, but I can't make it happen. I like it when it feels like I am slinging the candy all the way to my grave.