a ghosts tears

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space bar: start to float up, or if you're already falling, flutter
arrow keys: move

it's a platformer where you have to rub your body on spikes so that you cry to hit the bats with your tears

if you get hit by too many bats then you get a game over

if you rub your body on the spikes for too long you'll go into shock which means your controls won't work for a while and the bats will probably get you

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I really like how the

I really like how the elements of the game progressively become more relevant to some sort of corroborated sentiment in game form. At first I was just happy to see that the instructions on how to play were being presented as a narrative in a non-chalant way, while the music felt like an unusual choice for games, and I started to discern the actual shapes of the models as they tumbled around. It gave me a the feeling of one of those older physical arcade games like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHMR4TKRyhM or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zBf-LJsWSs

Then once I had kinda conceptualized all of the elements together, it all started to gel into a medium through which you could express something in a satisfying way that felt kinda conversational even though it is a shadowbox.

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Casper the Suffering Ghost

This is a pretty heart-breaking story for a ghost. Imagine what that [after]life must be like... Touching and harrowing story unveiled with this one, too. It resonates with me personally on a number of levels.

The game mechanics you chose were also interesting to figure out. Until I played it, I had no idea what it would be like to "rub up against spikes" to make things work.