The Beauty of a Falling Leaf

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A sequel to Inching, from 1HGJ Vol. 1. Made for One Hour Game Jam #180 (Theme: Falling). Press space to drift in the wind.

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An event


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I love this.

I love this.

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Ah, this is lovely! Excellent choice for the soundtrack.

The word "ALL" stressed me out so much.

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Thanks! The music is a MIDI

Thanks! The music is a MIDI transcription of Falling by Yiruma!

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nice game. nice that it

nice game. nice that it forces you to let go of all the coins you just can't reach.

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I spent like 2 days trying to figure out why you put the coins it.
Everything was all relaxed and classical music and all nature and then the coins (I can't think of the word that describes something as both out of place and annoying). dissonance? So it had to be intentional, but I couldn't figure out why. Then I had a dream about it where the whole thing made sense, but I couldn't remember the logic I came up with in my dream. So I told this whole story to clyde and he told me his interpretation and it made so much sense I felt bad for not thinking about it longer. Good game!

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Wait, what was clyde's

Wait, what was clyde's interpretation? What did I do!?

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I don't know exactly what I

I don't know exactly what I said to capt_hastings that resonated with them, but I do enjoy thinking about this game, there is a lot of potential in thinking about it along with the various metaphors commonly associated with a falling leaf.
Here is a poem that is nice to read as a complement to your game.

the lesson of the falling leaves

the leaves believe
such letting go is love
such love is faith
such faith is grace
such grace is god
i agree with the leaves

~Lucille Clifton

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Disclaimer- I am not trying

Disclaimer- I am not trying to suggest that player interpretations of games, especially ours, reflect the actual intentions of the person who made the game. It's just for fun.
Also the response was based on my story and description, clyde had not played the game yet, so this also may not reflect his current opinion. I was mostly trying to comment that it would be more fun and satisfying for me to figure out the thing I 'think' may be happening in games.
He said it sounds like it's to focus on how games have to have objectives.

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Playing the inching game

Playing the inching game that is linked in the description encourages me to love this game even more. The inching game requires so much effort to move while in this leaf game I feel that I am mostly trying to manage the results of how effortless movement is.