1HGJ: Logmaster

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Oh man, I tried to make a legitimate physics game with Fusion in one hour. This is the ridonkulous result...

LOGMASTER, made for the One Hour Game Jam. This time, the theme was Falling (again). Plays in nearly any browser.

Balance yours truly on a rolling log, moving back and forth to collect cupcakes that appear. Try for a high score!

LEFT and RIGHT: attempt to roll the log.
R KEY: restart the game when prompted.
LEFT-CLICK: hey, guess who left his debug controls active?

Background music from the playonloop.com website. Sound effects made with the BFXR stand-alone tool. Graphics by me.

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Wow. My high score is 1!

Wow. My high score is 1!

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Well Done

Collecting one cupcake is no small feat in this one. And considering my personal top score is 2, I'd say you performed admirably.

I want to mess around more with the physics capabilities in Fusion as time goes by. There's lots of potential and the results can be fairly amusing.

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I got that first cupcake so easily at first I thought the earlier comments were exaggerating.
That was the only time I got that one cupcake.
This is hard!!

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This is pretty fun. my

This is pretty fun. my high-score is 2 but I'm confident i can eventually get 3, the most brutal thing about it is that the pillars fall.