Monster Hug

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Welcome to MONSTER HUG. 

Descend into the caves and attempt to hug five monsters! Each monster has a unique personality and a presents a unique threat. Study them and await your opportunity to give each one a hug!

Left/right: walk
Up: enter door
X: jump
Z: hug
Enter: pause

hi friends. this is a game I was making anyway, but I guess it fits the Bo-tober prompt well enough! I actually intended to make it some time between 6 and 9 years ago, but it is finally here. Inspired by/somewhat made for my friend Eli Z. McCormick.

John D. Moore/Whatnot Studios
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This was cute. I usually

This was cute.
I usually don't stick around long for challenges, but I wanted to get that look from each of the monsters when you hug them.


I was fond of meeting the one-eyed guy and the levitating starfish-headed creature. Kind of reminded me of descriptions of Lovecraft's Elder Things.

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Aw, shucks. Thanks. Glad

Aw, shucks. Thanks. Glad that their happy faces kept you going (I didn't originally want this game to be as difficult/frustrating as it is, but I have my impulses and they are hard to control).

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Very charming! Much like

Very charming! Much like clyde, the cuteness motivated me to persevere through moments of frustration. The protagonist's pigmentation makes me speculate a bit about their humanity…

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That was something that had

That was something that had occurred to me as a possible way to read the protagonist after I designed them, but I decided I liked the ambiguity.

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That was fun! Learning that

That was fun! Learning that you could walk within the monsters' hitboxes at certain safe times to complete the hug was good.