The Bat

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THE BAT, an exploration toy made for the Bo-Tober Game Jam here at Glorious Trainwrecks. I was playing with the Clickteam Physics tools and created a small environment to flit round in.

You are a bat. Explore the world and eat insects.

Press and hold UP to rise.
Release UP to descend.
Press LEFT or RIGHT to move in that direction.
Press SPACEBAR or JOYSTICK BUTTON 3 to use your echo-location ability. It will help you see.

Enjoy exploring!

Background sound effects found at the BBC sound archive:

Other background sound from "Derelict" by DST/Deceased Superior Technician, from the website. Other sound effects made by me in the BFXR stand-alone tool.

Tree graphics created by Clickteam. Other graphics by me and from the Science News website:

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So I am super curious if I am using the spacebar wrong. Whenever i press it it looks like a lot of insects shoot from me in a circle.
It took me a little while to learn how to get a flow with the controls, but once I did it became like 1000 times more enjoyable. Exploring is much more fun when your coasting around bat style. It just occurred to me that the controls being like they are makes it so I am swooping the whole time, that is such a great detail. The spooky landscape was nice. I haven't made it past the caverns yet. I went down, and that was my demise. I look forward to seeing what lies ahead.

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Happy to hear you're interested in it so far, Capt!

I tried to translate the bat's natural ability to use sound to locate prey with this feature. The insects are normally unable to be seen by the bat unless they are right up next to her. So you use the echo-location to temporarily make them visible. Of course, since you're using sound to locate them, and they are small and move around a lot, they "disappear" again rather quickly.

I was thinking of creating little "sound waves" that emanate from the bat when the echo-location is used, but that seemed a bit clunky. But now I'm realizing that something might be lost in translation when they're not used...

In any case, thanks for the feedback! :)

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Gosh, it would've really helped if I knew anything about bats . I think that is more likely the problem than it not being represented clearly in the game. But now that you told me I love the concept, and I'm excited to try it again now with that in mind.

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It had never occurred to me

It had never occurred to me that bats may experience spookiness themselves!