Work Gloves Home Depot

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An advertisement. Avail the beneficial uses of safety gloves in industries!

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Work Gloves Home Depot
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It's interesting how the

It's interesting how the words of the spam are the main appeal so it feels like it is difficult to appreciate them in a context more complex than just the words. I had this problem when making
I like how the entire thing comes off as some sort of prepared work-meeting power-point that the crew enjoys ironically. It would be neat if I could convince some office that I am trying to sell work-gloves and have this as part of the presentation with a full-on straight-face just so the employees could always have the camaraderie of how strange those bouncing hands were when the slide is talking about wavering a hammer on a site, affecting grave objects.

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Thanks for Playing

I appreciate your words. At least I know someone played it...!

I was definitely going for a I-used-to-be-a-wizard-at-Print Shop-but-now-I-just-found-out-about-PowerPoint-in-Windows-95 feel with this one. I imagined someone just learning how to do some of the special effects in their presentation software and wanting to impress their boss with a presentation loaded with special effects using their just-released ad copy. Definitely role-playing a desperate, low-rung sales executive struggling to keep his last account alive.

I will check out Pipe and Drapes when I'm not at a computer with two hamster wheels standing in as a graphics processor.

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Excellent spiel. The images

Excellent spiel. The images really helped to sell me on the concept of gloves!

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oh man

this feels like a ghettowreath game, what happened to them?

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They still seem to exist.

They still seem to exist. Their last activity (that I know of) was retweeting you a few days ago!