The Demon Rush


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Old skool, arcadey, unforgiving good stuff! Very well done.

I am more than halfway to Satan. :)

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This is heckin' fun. Up to

This is heckin' fun. Up to 87 so far, mostly relying on up-close attacks.

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wow I love the way the

wow I love the way the reticule is used a melee weapon. I kept trying new strategies to see how I could incorporate this. I never scored more than about 10

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I enjoyed trying to beat

I enjoyed trying to beat Lucifer.
I like how much nuance there was to appreciate about the controls and mechanics. Using tactics like turretting, shield-pushes, swing-blocks, and diagonal-blocks all became apparent over time as I accidentally had success with each.

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This is challenging!

This is challenging! Currently I can't get above 20, but clearly there's a lot to learn here.

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dangit, so close