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this is my entry for bo-tober.

i put it together in RPG Maker over the course of a few evenings.
it's not very long and it's very easy, but i still had fun making it.

You are Captain Spoops! The legendary heroine​​!
You are out to defeat your very spooky nemesis: THe big spooky!

have fun!

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I'm pretty sure that I was

I'm pretty sure that I was the monster all along.

I've been Dooted!

Short, silly, fun, and really cute. :)

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Very memorable, evocative

Very memorable, evocative soundtrack. Definitely caused me to (further) question the distinction between spooking and spooping.

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I beat the big spooky. I

I beat the big spooky. I loved that the trumpet did 69 damage. Nice length too

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I leave Spook House rattled

I leave Spook House rattled to the core. Diminished from the person that I once was.

Love the music in this.

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The End? Was it not over @_@