rain game

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go to the itch.io page for information

this is my first game, its not very good.
my next one will be b ettter i promise

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An event


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oh yeah whoops

go to the itch.io page for information

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welcome to gt!!!

welcome to gt!!!

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thanks for welcoming me!!!

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Hiya. This makes me

Hiya. This makes me extremely interested in what you're learning to make!

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This toy really opens up

This toy really opens up when you realize you can make your own molds.
I like waiting for them to fill up.
I think this thing would benefit a lot from having a sound for drops when they collide.

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it says that there is a mac version, but i could not find it and the pc version won't run in wine :-(

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oh I'm so sorry

oh I'm so sorry I said there was a mac version by mistake!