2018 LÖVE Platformer Project(s)

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So I've been interested in making some platformers in LÖVE / Love2d for a while, but haven't produced much of anything so far, until this month. To get the ball rolling and reduce procrastination, I started writing more: jotting notes on paper, keeping a personal diary, and writing up public-facing devlogs with weekly goals. (Warning: unfocused ramblings about platformers). I found that writing about ZZT here helped a lot in the summer.

It is my intention to get something playable out the door between now and the end of the year. It would be a mistake to take on something larger than I can realistically pull off, so I've put my current ideas on the backburner, and I'm setting a goal to make something small but wholly realized in about two weeks. This would help me find issues in my current codebase, get familiar with packaging LÖVE games, and also give me something tangible for my efforts.

I wrote up an idea that has been in the back of my mind for a while, started a simple XM soundtrack, and outlined how gameplay would work yesterday. But I'm realizing today that I won't have the energy to pull it off in two weeks. So back into the cabinet that one goes. Started on another idea, but upon review, its workload requirements are also too high for this timeframe. Think smaller, damn it!

I need to take a few steps back. There are platformers with very little to them that are still very enjoyable. I'll post some more once I've got something that's scaled appropriately.


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Two Thoughts

1. I completely identify and empathize with you regarding "big game fever" and feature creep. I very frequently bit off more than I could chew. I find that sharpening my saw on deliberately small projects - such as the One Hour Game Jam - help me avoid falling into the bottomless hole that is My Next Big Game Idea. Since I've done so many by now, I know my smaller projects can reach their own finish line much more often and I'll be satisfied with them, as opposed to my larger projects that drag out the development cycle and risk never being complete.

2. Make sure you keep some room in your schedule for Klikmas / Sekret Santa 2018... :D

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Thank you. I think I keep

Thank you. I think I keep forgetting lessons learned here. I'm down for Klikmas 2018 for sure!

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appropriate scale

I think I've got a suitable idea now. You're a hopping bear who wants to get to the top of a mountain. No bosses, minimal set of hazards, flick-screen non-scrolling, and a jump height that increases to an absurd degree by the end.

Need to work on the colors because the sprite kind of looks like a naked man. In any case, I'm going to use a 12x12 tile size which I don't think I've done before (I'd normally base everything on 16x16).

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