My Castle's Haunted!

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You inherited a castle from your late grandma! But something's UP with it....

I'm not happy with some of this game's writing but I had to release it in time for halloween. I explored the idea of being in a space with a bunch of monsters moving between the rooms chasing you. They smell you to find you, and you can sometimes hear a distant door opening and closing when they reach a room next to the one you're in.

There's also lots of cool secrets and stuff to see and touch in the castle. Don't expect too much tho

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Interesting moral tale you wound into this one, Kate B. :)

At one point I had the Dil-Beast and Pumpkin Head after me, and they were on my ass like a bike seat. Thrilling chase! Also, it was tough to beat while wearing your original clothes, but it's doable! Nice to see an additional difficulty level included.

Well done! :)

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Thank you!

Thank you!

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Not sure if I'm being dense

Not sure if I'm being dense or if it just won't work on my PC. Had to install DirectPlay. Now the game will run. But what do I do on the first screen? All I see is the image and an ellipsis and no key seems to do anything. Except escape shows a pause screen.

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It's X to advance text. I

It's X to advance text. I was in such a rush I forgot to mention this in-game anywhere

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I found this narrative

I found this narrative mixture both heavy-handed and enjoyable. I liked seeing how hard it tries to express haunting as a real experience we have in our current cultural experience. I'm a sucker for ambitions like these.

I like the way the boss-enemies are implemented a lot. They feel like characters that are doing their own thing. I also liked some of the discoveries you can find in the castle, not just the one-offs, but also things like the jack-o-lantern variations.

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Thank you!

Thank you!

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A really enjoyable piece of

A really enjoyable piece of storytelling in a short game form. For some reason I kept thinking of Mr Benn. I suspect your upbringing must have been as tainted/taunted by the Daily Mail as mine.

[EDIT] Actually, thinking about it more, the Mr Benn thing makes sense - intrigued to know if you had that in mind at all?

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I didn't have it in mind,

I didn't have it in mind, but I know what you're referring to- the way you change into clothes that feel more appropriate to the adventure you're about to go on? I like that it reminded you of that, though! And thanks for the other compliments. What you say about the daily mail is true, also.