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BINKY XXI is a short walkabout game starring you in the role of Binky, who is looking for their boyfriend Ruff. Can you find Ruff, deep in the clutches of Robolloyd's deadly, disturbing, disgusting, scary, scummy, stagnant, trap-filled, terrifying, triangular, haunted castle? Probably!

Once the game has been launched on your computer device, you can press the spacebar to advance the opening explanation. Afterwards, you can move Binky around the world with the WASD or arrow keys. Press spacebar again at any point to try to interact with an object you are standing above- such as an open door, a locked door, a secret door, etc. Who knows what you'll find? I do.


Interviewer: Finally, tomorrow is the release of "BINKY XXI", can you tell us at TheBinkyZone about it?
Developer 1: So... We got our Halloween holiday break early, and all of us decided to have a party at the local haunt.
Developer 2: Literally! A real haunted mansion. I saw a ghost!!
Developer 3: No you didn't, it was just a sheet on a broom!

Interviewer: What was your experience like at the mansion?
Developer 1: Yes well. The fruit juice we had catered was pretty strong, it affected our faculties pretty bad.
Developer 2: Don't even get me started on the catering... We had to carry it to the mansion ourselves!
Developer 3: We had such a wild time, when we got back to the office that afternoon, we realized developer 4 was missing!

Interviewer: What happened next, and how is developer 4 doing today?
Developer 1: It was such a scary experience, we figured it'd be great material for the next Binky game.
Developer 2: And they say that to this day, what's left of him still haunts that mansion... That was a week ago.
Developer 3: We actually just forgot the directions to the mansion, so nobody's been back to check on him.

Interviewer: That's IT. The standards of your company make me sick. I refuse to continue to support such a dangerous workplace!
Interviewer: (stands up, knocking their chair over, and leaves the room)
Developers: ...
Developer 2: Hey, they left their box of donuts behind, I call dibs!!


This careware redistribution of BINKY XXI, exclusively available from TheBinkyZone, contains the following:

- sound effects folder
- unofficial walkthrough (in a secondary zip file to avoid spoilers)
- README txt
- a mystery?


BINKY XXI has been playtested thoroughly (for a few minutes) using WINE on Linux, and it functioned perfectly.
So, you should be able to enjoy BINKY XXI too!
If you have any issues, feel free to complain and we at TheBinkyZone might be able to fix it!


Binky, Ruff, RoboLloyd, Fairy Queen, and Ghost characters / graphics - Mariken G.
most interior castle graphics - A Knight's Castle graphic pack, by Koobare
all other graphics - Clickteam

m_menu - Clickteam
m_castle - Atlantis Lost by Between Interval
m_ending - light rearrangement I did of a midi from a Doom mod. lost source, sorry

Sound Effects:
elevator - Portal 2
binky 1 through 9 - my own voice
locked, metal, open, stairs, blocked - 3D Movie Maker samples
ghost, spikes, pit, portal - unknown origins, sorry!
all other sfx - Clickteam

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this is a very beautiful

this is a very beautiful videogame <3

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thank you, I really enjoyed

thank you, I really enjoyed making it!


I could listen to that ending music for hours. Excellent choice for ending music, and sounds like a solid remastering of it to me!

Super cute game. Well done. :)

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thank you! can you tell me

thank you! can you tell me what the source of the ending music actually is? I haven't been able to track it down.

cute is exactly what I was going for :)

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That was cute. I enjoyed the

That was cute. I enjoyed the sense of humor a lot.
I also like how Binky is constantly reacting to things in the castle by thinking about how Ruff would love it.
I was surprised that so many questions I assumed would be left unanswered were addressed by the end of the game.

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Thank you, I'm glad you

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it so much! I had a lot of fun writing it.

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Fantastic BINKY experience... what a scary thrill. I'm glad you have shown the oft understated love of BINKY and RUFF. I have drawn fan art... and edited it on the computer, I hope you will enjoy.

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Lovely fanart, BIBKYFAN20XZ!

Lovely fanart, BIBKYFAN20XZ! Thank you for sharing it!

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That last cutscene felt brilliant. I was really like, why haven't I thought to do that, but it's really unintuitively intuitive if you feel that. I also love that the different directions place you in different places. It feels really chaotic. Brilliant!

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Thank you! I am so glad with

Thank you! I am so glad with how the finale turned out, especially with how simple the code was :) And yes, I had so much fun with the randomized directions. That only happened cause I was too lazy to update the anchor point of the different animations, and it works out better for that P:

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I've had that happen to me before while making a game, but I always fix it, I'm so glad you didn't.

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The feeling in this game

The feeling in this game reminds me of Lilith's games such as Lost Town. Actually i get this from a lot of games which is probably why I play them. It's kind of creepy but friendly. There's something i really like about the combination of the ambience, the oppressive environment and then the cute characters and speech bubbles. I find it similar to buddhist ideas of not running from discomfort/pain but instead accepting it. The characters seem fine and happy even though they're in the worst place ever.

Anyway, I like it, going to play some more.

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that feeling is exactly what

that feeling is exactly what I was going for. like the old scooby doo cartoon or 'horror' on that level, where the real situation is life-threatening at times, but none of the characters are actually at risk, minus any fear. despite anything antagonistic or 'wrong' going on, I wanted the game to be positive and comfortable for both the characters and the player.

I enjoy even games like

I enjoy even games like half-life for similar reasons. I suppose the dated tech of that game makes everything somewhat warm and cosy although it's depicting a horrific situation. for me I know it's not nostalgia either because I grew up with much more modern games. they're an entirely different thing, the older stuff has a more staged comic feeling or something

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that's a fun perspective! I

that's a fun perspective! I love bumbling around Half-Life too, but I think I approach it for different reasons. and yeah I grew up with relatively modern games too, my first FPS was Halo which is like, well, it's got the same first three letters as Half-Life but from that point on it's completely different.

Half-Life is definitely meant to be a staged game, I guess it's a very long chain of what I've heard called "setpieces" wrt games like Uncharted where the plot is made up to justify scenes like "you start on the bottom of a cruise ship that's sinking". what draws me in to Half-Life instead of Crash Bandicoot With A Gun is that the former never tries to make you do the right steps for all of the planned out sequences. you are allowed to constantly, roughly sidestep the environment and make up your own interpretation of events.

it's not so much that the game lacks an intended narrative for the player, but more that it doesn't care if you realize that narrative correctly or not. that was also one of my design goals for BINKY XXI, and I wasn't even intending this post to wrap around to the original topic like that so I'm going to consider that very meaningful. Valve should pay me twenty SteamBux for each time I name-dropped their game.

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I love this! I love how many

I love this! I love how many things are broken and how they reveal the artifice of the game. In some cases these missing features feel undeniably beneficial to me, like BINKY's invulnerability. The scenery slowing shifting away from logical placement in the final cutscene was my favourite part.

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OK I started playing it

OK I started playing it again and my new favourite part is the secret entrance.

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I'm glad I was able to imbue

I'm glad I was able to imbue the deliberate lack of effort wrt game implementation with such meaning!