1hgj - Nice Choppin'

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NICE CHOPPIN', a game made in one hour for the One Hour Game Jam. This time the theme was Starts With the Letter V.

You must chop the vegetables! Move the knife with your mouse, and press and hold the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to swing your knife and slice everything everywhere.

Plays in nearly every browser (may not work properly in Opera, for example). Enjoy!

Graphics made by me. Sound effects made with the BFXR stand-alone tool. I "borrowed" the music from mno's game BINKY XX!: BINKY GOES INTO THE HAUNTED CASTLE TO SEARCH FOR THEIR BOYFRIEND RUFF because it's some of the most incredible, epic video game music I've ever heard. Thanks, mno!!! :D

Visit BINKY XXI now, here, today:

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This is so good, I want to play this on my phone with the touch screen, I hope it works. It is so satisfying to get that explosion. :-)

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It's the music that makes it so fantastic, in my opinion. But yeah, I think everything in video games is made better with explosions.

Thanks for playing! :)

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Type of Phone

What type of smartphone do you have? I can export to android and iOS, and this would be a good experiment. I don't have a smartphone myself so I can't test it, but if you're willing to have a look at it I can try and make a build.

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I have an

iPhone. It works when I just open the browser on my phone, but the game is too big for my screen.

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I love the inappropriate

I love the inappropriate sound effects. The tomato would hide behind the slices of tomato, so tracking them with the mouse was harder despite them being the largest veggie, which is cool

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Seems to me that your score can increase in direct proportion to the shittiness of your video card.

Current top score on my lunch breaks at the day job = 760

Who says integrated video chipsets are for the birds?!!?!?!!?!?!

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My hi-score was 545, and I thought that was good

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I got 795! You can destroy

I got 795! You can destroy all the veggies (except your last one) and still only get 755. If they happen to spawn faster (I'm guessing that's random) then you can do more than that

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Under the Hood

A couple design things I had in mind as the game evolved in that hour:
- Food shrinks a little bit every time it is sliced
- As long as the knife is spinning and it's overlapping the food the player is considered choppin'
- Completely choppin' a food item earns the player extra bonus points AND reduces the food spawn timer by a little bit (so it takes less time to spawn food)

So yes, the better you are at choppin' the more points you earn and the more food appears.

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This is great! Is there any

This is great! Is there any reason to not hold down the mouse button?

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At this point, there's no reason to not hold down the left mouse button, other than thematic. It's likely just an artifact of my frantic development process during the game jam. I hadn't come up with anything to NOT chop up during that time, although I suppose it could happen.

Do you think I ought to change it so the knife spins all the time? It would be a simple change, and then it would qualify as a one-button game (I think).