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So uh... how do I put this.... this game is really weird. You breed/evolve instrument people and then you can make albums and get sales and stuff. This game is unfinished (just like all the other 100s of games in my "shitty games" folder) so that's why theres only three types of instrument people things. Also theres letters people send you and stuff but you can completely ignore them because they dont make any sense. The game will kinda tell you how to play at the beginning so you can just look at that.

Frequently Asked Questions that were never asked before by anyone:

Q: How do I uninstall this terrible game?
A: Go to "Add or remove programs", find "Geld Zero" in the list, and then uninstall it.

Q: This game creeps me out.
A: That's not a question but yes.

Q: How are the album sales and money calculated?
A: When you release an album you get a random amount of money between 400 and 10000. The sales are then calculated by taking the amount of money, and dividing it by 16(Cd album price) and then rounding it.

Q: What are those numbers that appear under the "release album" button when I press it?
A: Thats the countdown for when you can release another album. I think it adds up to like two minutes or something like that.

Q: Why is Katyusha being played on the piano in the background?
A: I dunno. Also you can find that exact piano cover on Sheet Music Boss' YouTube channel.

Q: What do I do with this money?
A: I was going to add a shop buuut....... eh.

Q: Are there any secrets in this game?
A: Well theres "dev mode" and I think there are a few secret letters but I honestly don't remember.

Q: How do I enable "dev mode"?
A: You can find out how to enable it somewhere on this page. Cheater.

Have fun, I guess?


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Interesting concept! I think the game froze for me when it said I could release another album?

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It didn't freeze you were probably just clicked out of the game, just click back into the window and then press "okay" and it should work. If that's not the case then I got some more bug fixing to do. O_o