I found an old harddrive with the entire series of DJ Nastyman games

Anyone remember a guy named NASTYMAN from the Klik community?

He made a bunch of Klik and Play/TGF games about some really weird stuff.

For example, the first game is about him being thrown into a mental hospital because people didn't like his music. Then he made a "trip" version about it where everything looks like its on drugs and instead of a mental hospital, he gets thrown into a chicken farm for being a "boobie." Then there's Nastyman 2 which is about him being very much in love with a sea anemone, and includes some scenes like a guy running around with a skull screaming the word for testicles in Hebrew. Then it just gets more bizarre from there.

He even has a game that is simply labelled "belly botton adventure" in the title window.

I was really young at the time so I almost thought it was some sort of weird fever dream rather than something that I actually played. Only it turns out I had these game stored on an old, dying hard drive all along.

I don't know what to do with them. I remember these games being talked about a lot back on old klik sites that no longer exist anymore. I don't even know if people remember these games outside of that small, now dead community.

I stumbled upon this site and figured maybe you would be interested in these. I want to preserve them somehow because they are just so bizarre and I might just be the only one who has a copy of any of them.

Nastyman.zip35.35 MB
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I remember Nastyman. Thank

I remember Nastyman. Thank you for sharing here, if you dig up anything else along these lines I'd love to see it.

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Me too, thanks for

Me too, thanks for sharing!

I remember emailing Nastyman circa 1999 to ask if I could graphics from his Klik & Play games. I wonder if his KNP games are floating around somewhere as well.

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TDC Days

I used to cross paths with Nastyman from time to time on The Daily Click back in the day. He made a few good games, a particularly entertaining one I vaguely recall being a driving-dodging game where you had three lanes you could navigate to avoid hazards and other cars, while trying to collect coins and fuel. I remember playing that one quite a bit. I also purchased one of his albums of game-inspired music.

He had an alter ego (I guess) called "Advertise Play" which he used to post a lot of games and music online in an effort to monetize his creative efforts. You may be able to find more of his material under that handle.

He and I didn't quite get along personally, but I reckon that's beside the point.