PG Jam - Star Kid

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STAR KID, a game I made for the PG Jam in about six hours.

You're Star Kid, and you're looking for space candies! Use your controller or the keyboard to play. Use the ARROW KEYS to move, and press the Z KEY to launch starbursts. As you collect the Green Candies, powerups become available. Activate them by pressing the X KEY. Go for a high score!

Due to some unforeseen (and unintelligible) technical issues, it's for Windows only at this point.

The PG Jam was hosted on in late November. The theme was that all games entered would be family-friendly. I was thinking of my nephews (who are both gonna be 7 years old) while making this, and I figured they would like the visuals. More mature/experienced players will enjoy the powerup mechanics and the various ways to maximize their score.


EDIT: Made some minor changes to the HUD to reflect which powerup is available. There are six different ones. Have you seen them all... Including RAINBOW MODE?

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Made a couple tiny, worthwhile changes.

  • Game has full controller support (and it plays GREAT!). Press CTRL+ Y, then click the box in the "1" column next to "Joystick 1." That enables your gamepad/controller.
  • Holding the fire button now engages autofire.
  • Updated the HUD with info about available powerups.
  • Restarting game from end-of-game screen now properly resets score.

I am so personally happy with this game. :)

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V Juicy

My score was 400 somethin >_>

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Not Too Shabby

You're on your way to an impressive score, everythingstaken...!

I've updated the link here for the better build of the game. It has an updated HUD and sounds, as well as autofire and controller support. If any of those things interest you, then please have a go at this version of the game. You will dig it.

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Current High Score

Current high score is over 6100. Using standalone version and a controller.

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