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Keyboard is a 64K intro using the ZZT engine that runs on MS-DOS PC or DOSBox and was released in 2018 by Nanoco. Keyboard features all 72 keys, 9 drum pads, visualization, level meter and a sample playlist that supports up to 64K of music in a single board! The total world and executable size is 65,536 bytes.

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This is my last ZZT game. Enjoy!

Note: You'll have to increase cycles to the max (CTRL+F12) to get this to play smoothly.

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Your last? This is really cool! I love the fx when you press the play button

Thanks! ;)

I'm happy with how it came out.

Will be sad to see you go

I'm really amazed at this; never seen anything remotely like it. And in the twilight era of ZZT when just about anything that CAN be done already HAS been done...that's saying something. If this is really to be your farewell to the ZZT community then you went out on a high note - pun not intended.

Thank you, brother.

I HAVE been following trends already set by the community so I can't take ALL the credit. This one's inspired by Dark FLR's ZZT Piano, Chris Allen's Hall of Music and cracktros in general. I just wanted to push one board to the max. And it's sort of like my first "app" too. Perhaps someone may find this useful.

The IT module sampled is a bit more modern; a little chip-hop, a little chip-jazz and it takes advantage of drums and arpeggios. It's called Nelly in 8bit Land by laamaa and it won 1st place in an OHC back in 2007.

It was also nice to include the unofficial ZZT 4.1 by WiL which removes the arbitrary 20K board limit. Though, I left it open as more of an option for compatibility.

It's been a wild ride! Can't say I'm done with the scene, just done with ZZT. :D

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What program are you moving on to next?