1hgj: Atomic Janitor

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This is ATOMIC JANITOR, a game originally made in one hour-ish for the One Hour Game Jam. This time, the theme was radiation.

You are the atomic janitor, and it's your job to clean up all the radioactive waste that litters this mile-high compound. Suck up the radioactive waste (you can resist its harmful effects, no problem), but don't touch the toxic barrels or you'll explode!

Move the Atomic Janitor
X KEY: Use your mutant mental powers to push away the toxic barrels
Z KEY: absorb nearby puddles of atomic radioactive waste
R KEY: Start or restart the game.

Plays in nearly any browser. Try for a high score. Enjoy!

Graphics and coding by me.
Sound effects made in BFXR and LabChirp.
Background music from the playonloop.com website

KNOWN ISSUE: For some reason, the first time you ascend the stairs all the spills look like barrels (just tilted on their side). I have no idea how to fix this (beyond, "Oh, Clickteam gods, why has thou forsaken me?!!!?!?!"). A simple workaround if you're having difficulty is to go up the stairs again. Things should be back to normal after that.

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I am thinking that "Atomic Janitor" is also the name of a game I found years ago, played in DOS. It was a slapstick-violent platformer featuring a protagonist with poisonous urine, that would piss on enemies to cause them damage. Oh and occasionally you could use guns.

You had a "piss meter" and everything to manage your ammunition. Very classy.

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This is such an elegant mechanic. Does switching levels do anything other than refresh the level? I love all these about an hour long things you've been doing. Have you ever developed any of these further?

This is pretty fun! After a

This is pretty fun! After a bunch of tries, my best was 423 points. The barrels don't seem to actually give any penalty, so my strategy was to grab whatever waste was available without moving anything, and then ram into a barrel to reset the floor. I like that you get more points for each pool of waste as your score increases, even though it doesn't really change anything mechanically it made me more interested in seeing how high the score could go.

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Happy to hear folks have been playing this little thing, and I appreciate the compliments. A few responses for you:

  • Resetting Levels: both touching the barrels and touching the stairwell will reset the stage at this point. They're functionally the same thing. Of course, had I a little more time I'd add a score bonus or something for using the stairs instead of blowing yourself up...
  • Revisions @everythingstaken: I've done some minor bug-fixes and tweaks to most of these, at least after the initial release. I attempted to create a more expanded version of Diablow but that kind of stalled out and now I want to revisit it and change some fundamental game design things. Regarding the 1HGJ games in general, I find them to be excellent practice for actually finishing things, in addition to fiddling around with individual mechanics. I think of each one as a way to build up my foundation for game design as well as project management.
  • High Score @sylvie: nice job! I don't think I did that well in testing. I think you found a loophole for me... Just like you did for Speedy Car! :D

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I made a few changes based on feedback from sylvie and everythingstaken, plus my own thoughts.

  • smashing into a barrel restarts you on the same level instead of making a new floor.
  • the player moves a little bit faster when they're not engaging one of their powers.
  • the player has three lives, and loses one once they touch a barrel. No lives left = game over.
  • Increased the game timer to 5000 instead of 2500.
  • the more barrels someone collects, the greater their score bonus will be when they finally do touch the stairs.
  • added a little more time to the game timer when the player cleans up 10 spills.
  • minor graphical updates to the title screen and the player HUD.

Scores should edge a little higher now, and long stretches of running back to the floor stairwell won't take so long. Enjoy!