BINKY X: Binky's Planned Party

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The tenth in the award winning BINKY Series.

WELCOME... to the future! One year after BINKY I: Binky's House Party...
This time, BINKY actually sent invitations! Everyone is here.
Enjoy the festivities of BINKY X !!!

B-CONTINUITYFAN: You should play BINKY I first... this is the first BIBKY video game to have a plot element called continuity... this is after the first game, you see.
RUFF-FRIEND29: I don't understand, but i'll play BINKY I right now!


WASD/Arrows - Movement
R - Toggle Automatic Movement


Elephant Sprite from Clickteam edited by mno


The Lawnmower Man (SNES) - First Level arranged by Michael Richardson

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An event


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i love to see so many binky

i love to see so many binky characters together in a big party!

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even minnesota fats is here!

even minnesota fats is here! after the pinball thing

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Thank you- I do too.

Thank you- I do too.

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automatic movement for a

automatic movement for a game like this is a very nice feature

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Yes I am including it many

Yes I am including it many of my games! My hand started to hurt when playing mario kart or other too much moving games!

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I'm kind of losing it

I'm kind of losing it hearing this ridiculous midi of a song I have heard so many times... this cast round up is really sweet. I played Binky I when it was new- however, I am missing out on context for almost all of these characters from the titles inbetween!! so this is even more encouragement to 'collect* em all!"

* play

ps. autowalk is such a good idea, I will try to put it in my games too