Hank Owns This Hill

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The evil hanks own this hill.
As the only good Hank Hill left, it's up to you to save your hill.

Go forth! Blast them away with your guns by using left-click. Walk with WASD.

This was made in an hour in response to a friend's game of a similar nature.

Made For: 
An event


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hmmm! I'm not sure why but I only hear hank's laugh or whatever repeating and the game doesn't actually ever open. Is this an error?

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Huh! Sorry for the issue

Huh! Sorry for the issue there.

There may be a conflict due to the amount of navmesh agents present, I'll update it to make it so that the hanks are spawned over time instead of all being present at the beginning.

This was mostly a joke game, so instead of smart optimizations like splitting the navmesh into multiple parts and fine-tuning the update logic, it just goes ham.

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New version is out now, hope

New version is out now, hope this works!