1HGJ: You Have to Put the Skull on the Skeleton

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YOU HAVE TO PUT THE SKULL ON THE SKELETON (with apologies to @healy and a hat-tip to @sergiocornaga), made in about 90 minutes for the One Hour Game Jam. This time, the theme was Skeleton. Plays in nearly any browser.

You are a ghostly hand! Gently move the skulls from their pile to the skeletons' necks. Try for a high score!

Press & hold the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON: move skulls with your ghostly powers
Release the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON: drop or throw skulls you're holding
A & D KEYS: Move your view to the left or right.

Artwork by me.
Music found on the playonloop.com website.
Sound effects made with the BFXR standalone tool.
The "scream" sound effect is from Clickteam.

PROTIP: the longer a skull is airborne without you touching it, the higher your score will be. Try to throw a skull and have it land on the skeleton's shoulders for a super-high score bonus.

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Thanks for the mention, but

Thanks for the mention, but Healy pioneered the "You have to put the X in the Y" title format, possibly inspired by You Have To Burn The Rope.

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Thanks for the info, sergiocornaga. :)

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grabby hands

When I saw the screenshot, I assumed that picking up objects was going to be easy and boring but I like what you did instead. This is really good for a ~90 minute game, I applaud with my bony hands.

I think the "airborne

I think the "airborne without you touching it" mechanic is broken! Touching the skull doesn't seem to reset the number of points it's worth. I was able to get 12902 points with 3 skulls placed by holding the skulls in the air the entire time and placing them right before the timer runs out.

I guess the optimal score would be obtained by suspending as many skulls off the ground as possible (either by holding them or stacking them on top of other skulls) and then throwing them perfectly right at the end.

I think I find score games like these more compelling when there's a weird way to break the scoring system.

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By Jove, Sylvie, you've done it again! Maybe I can sort it out in an update.

I'm grateful there are playtesters like you out there. :)