Cold Wick

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Here's a little something I cooked up for a 10-day gamejam.
I hope you folks like it!

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Nice Work!

Cool game with a slick menu interface. Reminds me of the ol' Quake days. :)

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As a matter of fact, Quake

As a matter of fact, Quake was one among a few games that inspired the creation of Cold Wick! I'm a big fan of fast paced retro 3D shooters, so I decided to shoot for that for this jam.

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menacing growling

I keep coming back to this game because it's so fun. It's a really solid arcade experience. I'm excited to see future iterations of this if there are any coming. Love the torso btw!

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Thanks for giving it a shot!

Thanks for giving it a shot! A friend and I might be expanding on this in the future, so keep your eyes out!