I Hate Superheroes

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A silly game made quickly to blow away the cobwebs. Very much a trainwreck; in that grand tradition that makes use of Clickteam sprites.

My home town is being overrun by those blasted superheroes. Get rid of as many of them as you can before they tire you out. Run around with WASD. The bigger they get the more damage they do when you finish 'em off.

Uploaded to Glorious Trainwrecks and also put up on itch.io as well in case you'd rather play it in a browser. But I think the download version runs a bit more smoothly.

Music by Monplaisir from www.freemusicarchive.org
Superhero sprites by Copper from a long defunct, now archived website.

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An event


Oh, I'm in LOVE


Excellent sprites you found for those superheroes. Were they all supposedly public domain characters, or just cool-looking characters you wanted to include in the game?

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They are, I believe, actual

They are, I believe, actual superheroes albeit obscure ones for the most part as far as I know. Clearly not as obscure as I thought as you recognised one. I was going to make my own from the templates on the site but I was rapidly losing interest so didn't. I have to admit that I was less scrupulous than usual about not infringing anyone's IP but then I do hate superheroes. The site if you're interested is:

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this reminds me of a click version of ihavefivehat's rpg game where you play as a jeep or whatever running things over. I like that this is a genre of games with burnout