bloo2018 (pc)/bloo2016 (mac)

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UPDATE: I have also uploaded the unfinished 2016 version that is mac exclusive that has completely different audio, polish, and graphics

I'm sorry I'm so late JumboDS64. The project file I had got deleted while working on it and then school started back up and I neglected to recreate it until now. I will post what I had of the 2016/17 version when I get Wifi.

controls are just left and right
r for restart
esc to quit

there is some stuff where you can shoot the left bullets with holding right and vice versa and whatever, but I'll let you mostly figure that out.

I may also make a html version of this, but yeah, I got real anxious about this game last night and just recreated it as best I could

Also, I think combining all the ludum dare themes was one of the biggest inspirations with this game

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holy shit

Thank you so much for dealing with my stupidly over-complicated prompt and making something that's actually quite interesting to play!

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It wasn't stupidly over-complicated! It was a fun challenge and I am dumb and deleted the project file! :-)