Mouse In The Maze 60th Anniversary Jam

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Tue, Jan 01 2019 01:00 PM
01/01/2019 - 13:00
03/01/2019 - 13:00

Long Ago... In the year 1959... 60 YEARS AGO at MIT... A program is being added to the TX-0 Computer. The program is Mouse in the Maze!!!

Mouse in the Maze is an early computer game, now lost (re-created ports exist), involving mostly what the title says: A light pen was used to draw a maze and a computer mouse found the cheese or other foodstuffs. It was created by Doug Ross and John Ward []. The game seems to have not gotten as much publicity as other early games, but it is early nonetheless! The MAZE has been a common structural motif of the video game such as Mouse in the Maze, Pac-Man, Bomberman, Wizardry, 3D Monster Maze, Megami Tensei, MIDI Maze, Maze War, 3D Maze Windows Screensaver, Radar Rat Race, the list goes on and on...

In honor of 60 years of such a game's creation, I would like to host a small jam, the rules are simple:
1: The player character should preferably be a MOUSE, though other rodents would be acceptable, keep in mind there are more kinds of mice than house mice and pet mice!
What possibility!
2: The game takes place in a MAZE, a labyrinth, a world of routes and turns and too many dead ends. However it does not need be a literal maze- perhaps it is a maze of secrets, or a maze of inner conflict. It could be seen from top down or from first person- a rat's eye view. It could be more than one floor, why it could even be a dreadful teleporter maze!

Optional Rules:
X1: The game should have foodstuff to collect, CHEESE perhaps. However extensive research reveals mice don't seem to prioritize this food... get creative! I am aware an alternative version of Mouse in the Maze featured MARTINI glasses, but I would strongly recommend against giving rodents such beverages in real life. If you are to feature such a drink in a game, please do so cautiously!
X2: Ultra Hard Mode! The game could be controlled by PEN or TOUCH input as Mouse in the Maze was controlled by light pen input. However I am sure implementing such controls are a heavy task.

I am aware that some will be exhausted by the end of Sekret Santa, so eventually I will make an ASSET PACK that will be free to use, hopefully a little bit before the jam starts, but delays may occur.

MOUSE ASSET PACK is uploaded!

INCLUDES: Top-down rodent in six fabulous colors, brick and floor tiles, and a half baked first person dungeon crawler! I hope you enjoy. Please credit me as gisbrecht or MarikenG, and feel free to edit!

Happy Game-Making!

(From top to bottom: Mouse In The Maze recreation, Wizardry I for the NES, Windows 3D Maze, The Tailor of Gloucester artwork by Beatrix Potter)

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Games made for Mouse In The Maze 60th Anniversary Jam


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this is such a great event

this is such a great event to start the year off with!

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-Estelle- Updated

I updated the movement in -Estelle- so it's much more forgiving and easier to control (it was much too bouncy before). If you've played it before and found it difficult to navigate the narrow passageways, try it now and see what you think. Thanks!

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The new movement is much

The new movement is much better, but the new background makes it a bit hard to see the maze.

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Tried to keep a cool colour palette, and adjusted the walls a bit. Thanks for the feedback, Danni!

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mouse!!! yes

mouse!!! yes

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Welp, I'm going to do this.