Achromata, for Drambique

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This is my entry for the secret Santa 2018.

My recipient for my first secret Santa here was Drambique.
I tried to implement most of the wishlist and i think i managed to do most of them except one.
It was a fun experience and the list had some interesting combinations which led to the game's main mechanic of swapping the level colors.

this event also was a good opportunity to try some new game development tools. (raylib and go).

Source code:

The game is a bit short, but I hope it serves as inspiration for something in your games.
Have fun!


  • Movement: Arrow keys
  • Jump: Space
  • Swap: E
  • Dash: Hold direction when Swapping

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An event
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lol i got to the last level

lol i got to the last level and was so in the zone and im like WHERES THE TARGET
and didnt realize it said WIN
100% nailed the flow
great game

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This happened to me to and I

This happened to me to and I thought it was neat. Kinda like fonts that get you to assume the negative space is the letters themselves. I was focused on that bullseye by the time I finished. Everything else was malleable.

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looks great

The mechanics of this are so interesting! I love how I have to maneuver the color changes, but I'm so so bad at it. The music is really helpful at keeping me calm while I fail though!! It's really great to look at, too.

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Superb tiny puzzle

Superb tiny puzzle platformer! I had to look over the description again to figure out how to clear the last level (i.e. dashing) after which I replayed the whole thing again. Dashing feels so satisfying!

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Neat little game! I liked

Neat little game! I liked the midair dashing. There's also something amusingly awkward about dropping yourself into a pit by accident when you switch the colors.

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I had an idea of changing

I had an idea of changing negative positive space years ago in a scratch mit edu game (no idea is original perhaps... including mine) but I could not think of how the swapping could work for the player character... and you found a solution!

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I was also impressed with

I was also impressed with this problem being solved with the tunnel. It leads to some interesting solutions as well!

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That was cool! My laptop

That was cool! My laptop resolution is pitifully small - I got stuck on the second level and didn't realize what I was supposed to do, read the comment about targets, maximized the window to fit my screen, and only then saw the entire level haha.

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ahh so beautiful

your game is amazing! i love how you took the elements from my list and fit them together so well. dashing through level 2 is my favorite part of the game by far thank you for this

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I felt like I was playing as

I felt like I was playing as the slider part of a zipper.