1HGJ: Whirlpool

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WHIRLPOOL, a game made in almost exactly one hour for the One Hour Game Jam. This time the theme was one or both of Can't Stop or Shopkeeper. I chose the Can't Stop theme. Plays in nearly any browser.

Rescue the castaways from the whirlpool, and then sail away to escape! The sooner you scoop up and rescue someone, the higher your score.

ARROW KEYS to move your boat.
R KEY to restart when the game is over.

Artwork and event coding by me. Sound effects made in LabChirp and BFXR.

I like how this one turned out. I started it by messing around with the Clickteam Physics tools and specifically the Physics Magnet (like I used in You Have to Put the Skull on the Skeleton, but that was a hot mess so I just used other built-in movements for a satisfying old-skool game here. Enjoy!

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Did it! Score: 17636

Did it! Score: 17636

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Excellent Work, Danni!

I think my best score while testing was round 18.5K, so you're right on target. There's a lot of luck involved with where the castaways will show up, but if you have several in a row coming from the same place, that will help your score.