Last Game Of The Year 2018 (Last GOTY 2018)

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Hidden object game

Right Click: open inventory
Left Click: click stuff

Made For: 
An event


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I really dig the mix of photo and photoshop looking stuff. I like the slice of life quality to this game too

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Absolutely love this! It

Absolutely love this! It strikes me as a spot on fusion of a personal zine with the relaxing gameplay of a hidden object or collecting game (unjustly maligned genres). I've just spent over an hour with it and I'm doing pretty well; I'll definitely be back for more. The art style works really well. Funnily enough, I've never been to Milton Keynes. Somehow its image makes it a quite ridiculously appropriate setting. I may go one day - but only if you promise to hide stickers everywhere. I'm going to put in my disclaimer now - I have been working on a game with similar hidden object and collecting mechanics for one of my Finder's Cycle games; should it ever see the light of day I haven't plagiarised honestly!


You took the best parts of Linklater's rotoscoped films, "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty," and Myst and mashed them all together into a video perzine. This reminds me of all your talk about creating CD adventure games. It must have been incredibly therapeutic to draw over photos of your world to create your own magical reality and populate it with your own characters.

Not to dig too deep into things here, but do you feel like this game marks your transition from making games solely in your own world, as you explain in some of the notes found within the game?

In any case: Well done, Kate_B!

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i like this a lot

i like this a lot