1HGJ Vol. 2

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This is a compilation of One Hour Game Jam submissions incorporating all of 1HGJ Vol. 1, plus every submission I made in 2018, plus a few bonus games.

I struggled to make this my last release of 2018, but as a first release of 2019 it's not bad either. Please enjoy!

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I got plenty of mileage out

I got plenty of mileage out of these... And also the vol 1 games you also bundled in. all in all it's a meaty selection

I love that they're all in one exe. It must've taken some effort but it pays off. It feels really seamless.

Ms. Pac Man Without A Cause filled me with dread... I feel this is the point. I most enjoyed the one where I was guiding a bug across a photo.

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"Autumn Leaves" is my

"Autumn Leaves" is my favorite so far. I like how you have to use the photographic information which seems like a weird inbetween digital/analogue.
Also, if one cannot escape a mushroom-maze, does that not make it a mushroom-prison?


Your One Hour Game Jam games have been the single most inspirational force for me personally in making games this past year. Your compilations are a fitting memoir, and I'm grateful you posted your games here.

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That is incredibly

That is incredibly encouraging to read, thank you so much. I adore your own entries too! They definitely keep me going, along with a semi-futile sense of competitiveness to achieve the 'most games' high score (congratulations on surpassing me even though I had a year's head start)!

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All in one

It was interesting playing all of these together. It sort of puts me in a specific kind of zone/ mood so that by the time I'm at the end I feel accomplished. Highlights for me was definitely the music choices and to see how the theme is related. I can't believe I inched all the way over to the end of the branch in the cold wind to lose my leaf. That was a lot of emotions. Also, I enjoyed the pac man animations. The mouth moved in such an interesting way to watch I really liked moving that one around as slow as possible. In I take personal space pretty seriously I was at first thinking that everyone cleared out of my way based off of yelling but I quickly saw how that had no effect and in the end It was pretty great to see that no matter if you reacted or not the same thing happened and you got overrun. There was a nice variety of success, failure, and just watching what happened in here that it was very enjoyable to play together. Also, curious about why in chaos people around the world can turn into anything but in world peace people around the world turn into police? Will have to think about it and come back.

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Not much conscious thought

Not much conscious thought goes into my 1-2 hour improvised games. I made "Spread Joy" first, in 2010, and I think it generally falls in line with the kind of absurdist humour prevalent on this website at the time. The interactions in the game were mainly inspired by the Klik & Play sprites available, and I hoped to convey a vague anti-cop sentiment not linked to any specific ideology that was honestly mostly posturing.

"Spread Chaos" is the sequel, created 7 years later. Often for One Hour Game Jam I will look for a previous game I have made using The Games Factory or Klik & Play to use as a starting point. Perhaps I aim to save time, or create a more complex game than would otherwise be possible within the time limit, or maybe I just enjoy sequels. The theme of "chaos" evidently prompted me to attempt a do-over of sorts. Though once again, the game doesn't really seem to convey any specific ideology, just a vague pro-anarchy vibe. Games are a great way to be non-committal!

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These are some yummy games.

These are some yummy games. A mix of good, quick gags, as well as a lot of playing with expectations.