1HGJ Vol. 2

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This is a compilation of One Hour Game Jam submissions incorporating all of 1HGJ Vol. 1, plus every submission I made in 2018, plus a few bonus games.

I struggled to make this my last release of 2018, but as a first release of 2019 it's not bad either. Please enjoy!

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I got plenty of mileage out

I got plenty of mileage out of these... And also the vol 1 games you also bundled in. all in all it's a meaty selection

I love that they're all in one exe. It must've taken some effort but it pays off. It feels really seamless.

Ms. Pac Man Without A Cause filled me with dread... I feel this is the point. I most enjoyed the one where I was guiding a bug across a photo.

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"Autumn Leaves" is my

"Autumn Leaves" is my favorite so far. I like how you have to use the photographic information which seems like a weird inbetween digital/analogue.
Also, if one cannot escape a mushroom-maze, does that not make it a mushroom-prison?

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Your One Hour Game Jam games have been the single most inspirational force for me personally in making games this past year. Your compilations are a fitting memoir, and I'm grateful you posted your games here.

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That is incredibly

That is incredibly encouraging to read, thank you so much. I adore your own entries too! They definitely keep me going, along with a semi-futile sense of competitiveness to achieve the 'most games' high score (congratulations on surpassing me even though I had a year's head start)!