The Comedy Of The Chimera (For Chrissy)

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Welcome to the COMEDY OF THE CHIMERA...
It is a comedy as in the archaic sense of a story with happy ending perhaps...

my Sekret Santa was Capt_hastings-Chrissy, who requested:
1: Some original art
#Yes i'd say it's quite original to an extent, but isn't that a genuine modern debate..?
2: A great soundtrack
#Well, it's all borrowed, hopefully you enjoy it.
3:Some story, hopefully of love and betrayal (not necessarily in that order)
#I interpreted this as to make a largely narrative game.
4:It would be great if it included a human-animal hybrid (I like cat hybrids but I'll take anything)
#A lion in a sense is a cat, er a big cat I guess.
5:A chrissy and a clyde character
#Yes, you're both there!

Rated T for Tent because of religious and cult references, and drug references!

Space - VERY IMPORTANT to start the game
AD, Left Right arrows - Move
R - Turn on Automove


Clyde from Glorious Trainwrecks as CLYDE
Hugh Fraser as Captain Hastings as CHRISSY
Self Portrait by Gustave Courbet as the CHIMERA
Volac from Dictionnarie Infernal illustrated by Louis Le Breton as SECRET

Song #1: In Memoriam D.L. by Enno Velthuys
Song #2: Supermarket #01 from Sounds for the Supermarket
Song #3: Satan'n'Hippies'n'Drugs'n'Rock'n'Roll by Sucking Chest Wound

Thank you to Klikmas Team C for support and encouragement, and Noum for last minute text editing.


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An event


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The art in this is

The art in this is stunning!!! Love the music choices as well

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Thank you very much Hoksy,

Thank you very much Hoksy, more of my art can be found here: . Neocities website TBA...

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I really enjoyed how the story went along with the walking and the movement didn't feel arbitrary but fit the story. It was a really interesting format for a narrative game that I haven't seen before!! I love what you did with the list. My favorite part is when Chimera hits the outside for the first time and the new music starts and it's just like Chimera heading out for a good time feeling. The dynamic with the purple prince was pretty great too. It was a nice addition to the story that he started following chimera around and ended in a nice romance (I was wondering if it was going to, the purple prince seemed into chimera!). Also, it was fun to read and of course, me and clyde were awesome. (hugh fraser plays capt. hastings in the piorot series, but he also reads agatha christie piorot audiobooks and is the best reader out of everyone so I try and promote him as much as I can). Great soundtrack as well. Thanks for the game!!

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I don't know how to reply to

I don't know how to reply to this comment a bit... I am glad you enjoyed the game work Chrissy. I struggled a bit thinking mechanics wise but I am glad people enjoyed this narrative's 60's cartoon repeating background. Unfortunately some lines were edited to fit the 640 pixel screen, but I think it works decently enough...

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Wow, there's some incredibly

Wow, there's some incredibly next-level dithering on display here. The transparency pattern dithering on the bottom half of the WIZAR was especially beautiful, as are the sprites themselves of course. I also enjoyed the story and your style of writing it a lot, and was pleased to see the prince holding a different item by the end!

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I ought to make a tutorial

I ought to make a tutorial at some point. the dithering is merely one of GIMP's default indexed pallets but the transparency was done by using mist in blender and moving all the objects up so only parts of the body would fade away!

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ROT13 again!

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I like how in the narrative

I like how in the narrative the only thing that seems to be keeping the chimera in their undesired role is the expectations of the symbols that surround them. It reminds me of what it feels like to police yourself in a work-place and then come to discover that you could have been doing what you wanted the entire time because the boss actually does not give af.

The musical choices were wonderful and I also enjoy the page-turning/scrolling format and the beautiful animations.

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This was great! I am all for

This was great! I am all for this aesthetic. Loved the combination of pre-rendered 3D with the soundtrack.