Flowerhead (for quasiotter)

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Game File (Linux): 

For quasiotter

Features: flowers, minimal interaction, wholesome, relaxing, whispering breeze
Press or hold Space, Enter, Shift, Ctrl, Z, or X to interact.

Music is from Torley's "Glitch Piano"

Technical notes:

This is the first game I've written in the Rust programming language! Hopefully everything works...

You will need video driver support for OpenGL 3.1 or newer.
Please do not run the Windows version in Wine! Sound will go all screwy. In a future version of the engine I'm going to switch audio backends which should fix this.
Linux version requires glibc 2.27 or later (Ubuntu LTS 18.04 or later)

Made For: 
An event


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Seriously. Great job, Danni, I love everything about this

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the crystal world

i don't have the proper words for this . i wasn't prepared to be blown away like i was. wow

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Glad you liked!

Glad you liked!

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This looks and sounds so

This looks and sounds so beautiful. Are the flowers at the end other players' creations? If so, that's really wonderful. Even if it's not, it still evokes that sense of, I don't know, community, and is still wonderful.

The sound seemed to be very occasionally a little bit crackly for me just running the Windows version on Windows, so a different audio backend sounds like a good idea. Fortunately for this game, the music chosen masks when crackliness is unintentional very well.

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The flowerhead appearances

The flowerhead appearances are just local RNG. I don't know anywhere near enough about networking to implement such a feature!

I'll see about adding an option to change the audio buffer size.

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The visual elegance, themes

The visual elegance, themes of rotation, and modularity of this piece encourages me to enjoy it like watching someone use a tool that makes symmetry, like a spirograph or fidget-spinner.

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I love how this game made me chill out. Like I always have a low level of anxiety going but after a few minutes of wondering what I am supposed to be doing it sort of put me in a trance of watching and waiting and listening that I had to give into it and relax. It was really beautiful and the sound worked perfectly. I especially enjoyed all the color contrasts.

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This is stunning. Can't get

This is stunning. Can't get over how beautiful this.