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This is a game about very carefully descending haphazardly constructed geometry without dying. The movement is pretty technical, being hacked from one of those quake style character controllers. There's bunny hopping and strafe jumping, and also some extra spicy custom crafted momentum mechanics special for this game. I recommend playing the early-2000s-period-accurate insufficient tutorial level.

There's also a minimal multiplayer component so you can see who else is playing and how they're doing. It's very barebones, though.

For stranger, who requested:

For Klikmas I would like an "anti-climbing" game where you start at the top and must climb down. I'd really like for the path down to be unmarked, not even clear if it's possible to get down, or there to be many paths that become extremely difficult or impossible. Also, it doesn't need to be an actual mountain that I'm descending.

I'm going to leave it at that so as to keep the possibilities open for you, Santa. But here are some things I like that are in no way requirements:

-Early 2000s era graphics eg Counter Strike 1.6, Brigand: Oaxaca, and Maximum Action
-cheesing a games movement physics like this, this, and of course the masters of coordinated physics cheesing
-tons of edible plants/foods/drinks
-vast soundscapes

Contributions (probably not exhaustive)

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