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destroy yr boss the card game (for alchiggins)

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the big videogame! about malls! featuring:

- precarious employment
- trading cards??? hell yes
- various denizens of the mall
- strange intriguing lore
- exploration
- your boss

made as a sekret santa gift for alchiggins! incredible

also: this is somewhat of a work in progress! since i spent all the time writing dreadful game code that sucks! but i plan to add new features such as:
- more cards
- more mall zones and characters
- saving the game (in case it gets too big)
- animations!
- fewer horrible bugs!

please enjoy this fine awful game of cards and thanks for understanding

- various midi songs by the backstreet boys and haddaway, sequenced by GUS, CF and unknown people
- posterizing effect based on a shader by kino
- everything else by fotocopiadora

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