American Wallrunner (for mbtzl)

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Angie is a disgruntled former CIA agent with uncanny parkour skills. After quitting her awful job in an inglorious fashion, she attempts to earn some money by working some side jobs - jobs that require an experienced wall runner. But nothing can prepare her for the truth of her very existence...
Created for mtbzl, whose list was:
"1- Parkour (specifically wall running)
2 - 60s/Cold war/Jazzpunk/Pulp/No One Lives Forever aesthetic
9- Lots of stats and meters for nonsensical stuff that you don’t know the purpose of
37- Big open areas
4- Wacky characters
6- All is not what it seems..."
Windows only for now.

KNOWN BUG: Sometimes, if you are attempting parkour against an impassable wall, you'll clip through it and fall through the screen. It's rare, but it happens.

All of the music for this game consists of very sloppy solo bass recordings of mine from a few years ago. The game had no sound as of yesterday, so I'm glad I had some spare previously unused music on hand!

This was a fun list to work with! It's been a busier December for me than usual, so I didn't get to spend as much time on this as I would have liked. My original vision was to have even more side jobs that could be freely discovered and completed in any order. I also wanted more of the nonsense stats to have an actual bearing on the game world (attending to thirst/hunger/bladder was originally supposed to be a gameplay loop in itself). I'm overall pretty happy with what I was able to throw together.


Made For: 
An event


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Wow. Plot twist of the

Wow. Plot twist of the century. I loved the ultimate uselessness of the player statistics.

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so I forgot that everything isn't what it seems was one of my prompts so when I got to the ending...
I loved the feeling of the wallrunning, and the characters, and just ahhhhhhh.

ok but seriously what species are those things?

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YAY I'm glad you liked

YAY I'm glad you liked it!!!!

Gotta admit, I was most anxious about implementing the wall running on day one of the project, especially without having another game as a reference for the mechanic, so I am super glad you like the feel.

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brilliant atmosphere. I

brilliant atmosphere. I loved "beefcake"

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Oh yeah, I also loved

Oh yeah, I also loved Beefcake.

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Thanks for the kind words!

Thanks for the kind words!