Escape DS

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Charles de Gaulle is being pursued by deadly assassins. You must help him escape the city.

For hellojed

Wishlist 2k18
Sega Dreamcast era Aesthetics/Music/etc
The Citroen DS
That's it! (?)

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I love the look so much.

I love the look so much. Especially the flat photographs used for people. Love the structure and composition of the area you're in, too

also I can't escape. The assassins always catch me immediately. Even if it's impossible it's still very fun

Toilet Escaaaaaaaaaaaaape!

I helped de Gaulle escape after using only 3 boxes. What a sprint! The jump was a satisfying surprise.

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This is such an amazing

This is such an amazing little game, I love it so much. I got stuck in the first room for so long before figuring it out. The Citroen model is fantastic and wonderful. It reminds me a bit of The Italian Job game for the Ps1, which re-created the entire chase sequence from the 1960's Micheal Cane film in one huge mission. I had to budget my boxes to throw at the car, and just when I ran out is when the car hit the final jump. Bravo

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Thanks jed! I'm glad you

Thanks jed! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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This was *awesome.* Such a

This was *awesome.* Such a great set piece, reminded me of the driving sequences in Half Life 2, in the best possible way. Wish I could've enjoyed the scenery a little bit more, but I had boxes to chuck.

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i mistook this for a half

i mistook this for a half life mod for a second until i remembered the unity splash screen. it felt very authentic; you nailed the feeling incredibly well. after beating it, i went again on foot to explore the scenery.

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ohmy! I seriously could not

ohmy! I seriously could not find the exit and thought all the other comments and the controls were all a very elaborate joke. finally managed to escape! I really love the textures, especially the skybox!