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ESTELLE, a short, small game made for the Mouse in the Maze 60th Anniversary Jam.

You are directing a mouse and must collect the cheese. Move the mouse with the ARROW KEYS. If you find that you are stuck or the cheese is inaccessible, press the -R- KEY to retrieve your mouse.

Go for a high score, and enjoy!

UPDATED 12 Jan 2019: Adjusted the movement so it's much more forgiving (and much less bouncy). Added a bit of background texture and adjusted the graphics for visibility. UPDATED 16 Feb 2019: High score should be recorded properly now. Minor fixes to the timer displays.

Sound effects made with LabChirp and BFXR. Everything else done by me in CT Fusion.

I had a lot of fun making this one, and found myself compulsively playing it. Once you've built your skills, the game can be quite satisfying.

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An event


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Just looking at this

Just looking at this screenshot takes me back to the old Click days of generating mazes by making a big grid of wall objects and randomizing the direction of each.

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That's pretty much exactly what I did. :)

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Realising I could wrap

Realising I could wrap around was very satisfying, as was my discovery of a button. I noticed the arrow keys were scrolling the page, so this would probably benefit from Nikki's handy event.preventDefault() script.

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Zoom Out

Not sure how to do that event.prevent thing you were talking about. I just zoomed out my view.

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Here's what I keep in a

Here's what I keep in a handy text file copied straight from Discord:

body entry looks like this:
<body onkeydown="preventUseOfDefaultKeys(event);">

and I added this to the <head></head> section:

function preventUseOfDefaultKeys(event) {
if (event.keyCode == 32 || event.keyCode == 38 || event.keyCode == 40) {event.preventDefault();}

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I had the courage to take your advice and implement the code. It works great! Very pleased that the screen doesn't move, and can even be enlarged on my current monitor. :)

Thanks! I'll have to remember this little snippet. It's much appreciated.

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First game of the jam- YAY!!!

First game of the jam- YAY!!!

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I do like the risk and

I do like the risk and reward.
I also like that the rat's name is Estelle.
I also like the cute little animation and the pot-belly that shows how successful Estelle has been in the past.
My High Score is 360.

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Thank you, here is your

Thank you, here is your award: Most Mazes Made

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