The Mystery Of Glow-Peak (for akair)

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Akair asked for:

What I want for christmas:
* Snow
* mysteries
* puzzles
* RPG and/or action adventure
* bright happy colors.

Oh you want action-adventure??? You came to the right place!!

In "The Mystery Of Glow-Peak" you play as a lady investigating the mystery of a green, glowing mountain. Fight your way through a bunch of dungeons with hand-to-hand combat! Several different weapons of varying strength! And much more!!! Oh also I tried getting some puzzles in but I seem to have ended up with platforming instead. This just happens when an experiment doesn't quite work, I guess! Hope you like platforming!!! If not, you DO NOW!!

I put health bars in this game even though I said I was swearing off them for a bit. Had to be done!!!!

There's snow! You can even step in the snow and it deforms beneath your feet.

Errr... Bright colours. This was the brightest pallette I managed to work with, given the cave setting


Arrow keys/ WASD/ left stick: Move
V/Y button: Roll
C/LB button: Action/centre camera
X/RB button: Lock-on
Z/X button: Attack
Space/A button: Jump
Enter/back button: Select weapon
Esc/start button: Pause

Made For: 
An event


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This game is a lotta good

This game is a lotta good stuff it's fun! But I got kinda dizzy on the rotating platform. It really has early 3D vibes with obligatory snow level and giant bottomless pits... I love it!!!
EDIT: Forgot to say I love the motion-blur of the weapons... it's simple but very effective!


i like this. it's fun jumping and attacking the enemies and it looks good

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This looks absolutely

This looks absolutely amazing! Can't wait to play it myself! :D
I haven't had time cause I was so behind with my own project, sorry about that! I will play it tomorrow after work and write an update!
Thank you very much! :D

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Ok, this is bloody

Ok, this is bloody brilliant!

First of all, you made a working 3D game - that's incredible !
And it's like a mix of Zelda and Gex: enter the gecko (which I love).

The platforming puzzles are infuriating towards the end (after the silver gem) but I can't stop playing, I have to beat it!
And I made it til the end but I still have two more gems to collect. One of them I think I know where it is, the other is still a mystery :)
I'll give it another go tomorrow to try and find the missing gems.

I loved the enemies, especially the ice ones and their "come get some" animation :P I think I spent a good 5 minutes on the first, trying to beat it before I got a better weapon :)

And you made ice slides! I stood there and looked at the first one for a while thinking "how the f### am I supposed to go down here?" before trying it. It was a blast! :)

Thank you so much for making this, you can tell you put some serious dedication and love into it!

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thank you for the

thank you for the thanks!

I'm so happy you were so blown away by it. I wanted to push expectations and go all-out. plus it gave me good opportunities to try out some new tech.

Glad you liked the ice enemies. They were fun to make.

the platforming puzzles to the end were tested by me and sergio and I did consider they were too hard, so I decided to be more generous with checkpoints instead of tweaking the patterns- I hope the checkpoints helped with the pain somewhat.

(and cause I wanna let you down gently... The reward for getting the gems is not a very big reward at all- but they are there to add a fun side quest. Collect em all for the fun of it only!)

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Don't get me wrong, I like

Don't get me wrong, I like being challenged, so the hard platforming elements were very nice!

And I like to do everything there is to do in games, so that's enough for me for a reward :)

Haven't managed to try again, because of life, but will try again sometime this weekend if I have the time!

Thank you again, and keep on making games! I was very impressed with this one!

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I started playing this last

I started playing this last week, and haven't had time to get back to it yet, but I just wanna let you know that I've really enjoyed what I've played so far! I really dig the level geometry - it's definitely reminiscent of late-90's 3D platformer level design in the best way. Sliding on the ice feels good. Hiding things in the deforming snow is cool.

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Finished with all gems and

Finished with all gems and the axe (after dozens of tries). I tended to run past enemies outside the arenas due to their high health and occasionally temperamental lock-on camera, and had some trouble readjusting the camera on the smaller rotating platforms. Still, I liked the platforming and it felt good to ride the ice slides and roll around. Impressive work!