Chistmas Leftovers + Gravity Curtain

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Chistmas Leftovers + Gravity Curtain

Okay I had two ideas for Chistmas sekret santa before settling on Comedy of the Chimera and I thought I might as well share them...!

First idea was a game with games within... two puzzlescript games were made. The game masters wanted to challenge to Chimera.

Challenge 1: Match 3 blocks of each color. Push red blocks and pull blue blocks.

Challenge 2: Reworking of scrapped SokoBoby idea: You and the rocks move at the same time. Get all rocks in the hole and dont get squished by the rocks!

Standard Puzzlescript Controls: arrow keys,x to action, z to undo, r to restart.

Second idea: Gravity Curtain basically had the story of the Comedy but the Chimera has the power to manipulate gravity. Watch out for spikes. It was a pain to individually place every save point and spike.

Controls: WASD, arrow keys to move. R to restart from save point. U and I to activate the gravity curtain!

Sound clips from "The Phantom Planet" (1961), Link: The Faces of Evil (1993) and Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon (1993).
Background image is Whistlejacket by George Stubbs

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An event


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I activated the gravity

I activated the gravity curtain.

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These are all incredibly

These are all incredibly complete in their own right. Gravity Curtain is great! I love the art style and sound clips chosen.

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thank you, I kept seeing a

thank you, I kept seeing a bumper for the phantom planet and that phrase got stuck in my head aaaargh!

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All three of these are good! I kept thinking of cool other possibilities for Gravity Curtain while I was playing it too. The horse is A+, seems like you've had them on your mind a lot recently