Alexandra - for sylvie

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A Sekret Santa game for sylvie - Merry Christmas!
So sorry for the delay!

In this game you play as Alexandra, a sword-swinging explorer!
Watch out for the shadow monsters and keep an eye out for helpful cats... :)

Steer with "Arrow" keys
Swing your sword with the "A" and "S" keys.
Jump with "Space"
Enter/Exit inventory with "ESC" or "I"

I hope there's no game breaking bugs left - if you find any please let me know and I'll update the game!
Again, sorry for the delay and hope you'll enjoy the game :)

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An event



This was really cute! Is there an ending of some kind that I missed? I think I explored all the maps. I liked how even in such a small world there were several secrets to find. The character customization was fun too. It makes me wish for a bigger game with the same mechanics! Thank you!

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No ending, you just walk

No ending, you just walk around in the world and talk to cats and collect gear :)
I guess the game is finished once you get all of the clothes, but I didn't add any trigger once that happens..
Glad you enjoyed it! :)

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The character

The character art/animation/customisation in this is incredible! I'm so impressed that you managed to address every item on the list, too.

Hmm… one of the items on the list is "Bad game design"… did I just accidentally insult you?

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Haha! Thank you for the kind

Haha! Thank you for the kind words, and no, you didn't :P Although it wasn't intentional, as sylvie pointed out, the game does lack an ending or anything really to let you know that you've done everything there is to do. So yes, "bad game design" is checked too :)

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This looks super great! Good

This looks super great! Good music.