Glassware: When Everything Isn't Crystal Clear- Merry Klikmas Fizzhog!

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Game File (Mac): 

A Klikmas Game for Fizzhog.
Fizzhog asked for:
I want it to be over the top --- I'd say maybe

Something about the theatre and stage sets --- Check

Glass - there must be glassware--- More than you can handle

A story - pure melodrama --- Kind of. I'm more of a comedy person but there is some!

I want game assets that can be freely re-used - I may want to make something in response - Included!

Lots of characters--- YES!

Good luck in there! I hope you enjoy it!

***Potential problems- there is a short video file that plays in two of the scenes. If you have it open to full screen you cannot see the text. I can't figure out how to fix it.
Also- I'm bad at spelling (sorry!).

***Fixed Sergio reported bugs. Ignored Clyde reported misspellings

Made For: 
An event


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Thanks a lot!

This was great. Now you've got me wanting to make a VN! You most definitely fulfilled the wishlist. I loved the merging of detective story and a sort of dating sim. And the way the different characters' stories all intertwined. I really liked the graphics and some of the sound effects made me laugh. I felt like the way you focussed so much on glassware really gave it a strong theme. I don't want to say any more at the moment to avoid spoilers. A most excellent Klikmas present - thanks again!

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I hope you do make a vn! I'm super happy you liked it!!! Sorry if you ran into bugs, I have some to fix tonight.