1HGJ: Water Your Garden

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WATER YOUR GARDEN (IN THE MOST MORONIC WAY POSSIBLE), made in a bit over an hour for the One Hour Game Jam. This time, the theme was Going in Circles.

You need to water your newly-seeded lawn to help the grass grow. So what better way to do it than to explode water balloons over it with your spiked baseball bat?!?!?!

Move with WASD
Aim your bat with the MOUSE.
Swing your bat by holding down the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON.
Summon a water balloon with the SPACEBAR.
Start or restart the game when prompted with the R KEY.

Avoid walking on the ground you've already watered, or you have to do it again...!
Try for a high score, and enjoy!

Game and graphics by me. Sound effects made with the BFXR standalone tool and the LabChirp tool. Background music from the playonloop.com website.

PS: I tried to balance out scoring so sylvie wouldn't find an exploit yet again... :D

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