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On the 16th of July, 1969, three men traveled hundreds of thousands of kilometres to land on the moon. This was the result of the combined efforts of thousands of people from around the world over the course of many years, the culmination of thousands of years of technological development, and undoubtedly one of humanities greatest achievements. Then, astronaut Neil Armstrong stepped from the lunar lander, proclaimed that he had made a 'giant leap for mankind' — and planted the flag of the United States of America, forever staining this incredible moment with the shadow of colonialism, imperialism, and war. Humanity's grandest accomplishment became a petty political statement, just a chapter in the history of one of the absolute stupidest conflicts in human history. I'm a little bit upset about this.

This is a very short game about flying to the moon and destroying the US flag. I made it to teach myself how to use Gamemaker Studio. I hope you enjoy it.

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...I feel like such a walnut. :)

Fun first experiment! Best of success with GMS in the future.

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that flag was toast.

that flag was toast.

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Super enjoyed that.

Super enjoyed that.

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incredible flag destroying

incredible flag destroying action! i got all the endings hell yeah "america"