GGJ 2019: Heading Home

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HEADING HOME, made for the Global Game Jam 2019. This time, the theme was What Home Means to You. Playable in nearly any web browser.

Use the ARROW KEYS to move, rotating your ship and/or runner. Press the UP ARROW KEY to speed up the movement of stars.

Avoid touching the dark stars, as these will speed up the enemy Star Eater. The game will end when the music is over. Enjoy!

Game developed by let-off studios.
Made with Clickteam Fusion.
Music by Joshua Trevett.
Sound effects made with the LabChirp tool. Real-world recordings by let-off studios.

Additional details available at the Global Game Jam website:

This game is quite atypical from my usual style, but I am very happy with how it turned out. It deals heavily in metaphor as opposed to simple representative, arcade-type stuff. I think it's a reflection of where I am personally these days.

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this came out really well

this came out really well

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Glad to hear you like it, NedStormFish.

Beyond that, it's always nice to hear that someone else has played it...! :D

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I rarely think about it, but

I rarely think about it, but the attempts to bring early digital representations to life through painted promo artwork that is derivative of the digital stuff has a certain elegance to it. This game feels like it captures that a bit, but here it is all in the game.
This would be great to find in one of those table arcade machines in an old pizza-parlor.