Horse at the Hearth SMUT

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The most definite RPG Maker 2000 erotica fanfiction game.

  • Full Motion Video
  • Voice synchronization, also with german tts
  • Computer-generated story
  • Polyamory
  • Custom Battle System (hot!)
  • Only 62 MB!!

Mostly only explicit writing, some human and horse nude body performance.
Partly explicit sound effects, play with headphones.


Made For: 
An event


What the wha...?

What a completely bizarre and wild use of RPGMaker...! The punch line of this was one of the most absurd battles I think I've ever seen.

The combination of English and German text to speech was novel and very amusing. And I took a look at the fanfic generator website. It all makes so much sense now. Wow...! :D

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thank you kindly for the

thank you kindly for the comment. i'm happy you enjoyed the battle scene!

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I think the production of

I think the production of this is super attractive. I'm weirded out by bestiality though. Even when it is clearly fictional, all the ethical concerns and political concerns about bestiality weigh on my enjoyment of the piece. I get the impression that the author is depending on the audience to feel this shock-factor, but idk. The fact that horse is anthropomorphized in this story and that the narrative felt cliche and a bit silly makes all this more consumable for me personally though.

I think it's put together really well. The music and the found-videos are intriguing. As a whole it created a compelling aesthetic that I enjoyed seeing in a game.

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thank you for the thoughts.

thank you for the thoughts. I'm glad you touched on the subject of bestiality as it's something I've had to think a lot about before publishing this.
the shock-factor comment saddens me somehow, but it's nevertheless a valid concern.

when i try to think about it i remember being a 12 year old on deviantart and seeing but not really understanding what sonic vore fanart is.. as well as lots of other stuff that RPG Maker as a tool and community conjures up for me. it might be important to explore that.

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I think I should clarify a

I think I should clarify a bit. When I say that it feels like the author is depending on a shock-factor, I'm trying to describe something different than what that typically refers to. I think that typically it is used to say that the shock is used in place of substance or narrative, a desire to create significance through discomfort. I feel like this game's priority is the aesthetic (in general, I am coming around to thinking of aesthetics as often more substantial than plot or even characters sometimes). In the case of this game, it feels like there is a desire to communicate some dark carnivalesque aesthetic which often depends on the taboo or occult. I can easily imagine that the RPG Maker community could conjure that up for someone, since there are many places on the internet that conjure it up for me.
That doesn't get around the fact that bestiality is included in the game or the ethical concerns of including bestiality in a game. But I am not trying to accuse you of intending shock for the sake of significance through discomfort of the audience.
I do wonder what the bestiality ends up adding to the game though. I could see it inspiring some design decisions, but it could also be almost like a placeholder subject, replaced once it does its job. At the risk of treating this game as what it is not, I am willing to say I would enjoy the game more if the horse was replaced with a person capable of sexual consent; nothing would be lost for me. But I suspect that your goals were different than making a game the most enjoyable for clyde!


Not to butt in somewhere I might not be wanted, but I also commented on this game earlier and hope I don't muddy the waters as I chip in. Also, I have to add that I'm -completely- unfamiliar with the RPGMaker "scene" (?) so I apologize for my naivete'.


I immediately perceived the anthropomorphism of the horse character, and/or a world in which a talking horse - who seemed to be a housemate or family member of some sort - was taken for granted as commonplace. I didn't see it as bestiality akin to that in the world as we know it. Of course, the game being made in RPGMaker also reinforced this. The character artwork wasn't realistic or gratuitous, and admittedly I only had a glimpse of the video footage of... maybe people dressed-up as horses? Could have been a clip from a performance of Equus for all I know. If horses could be housemates, then it didn't seem to far a leap to consider them lovers in the world presented here.

The notion of the player having repressed memories coming to the fore can seem traumatic to some. However, the player has "agency" of a sort in the end-scene battle, which led me to believe that the character(s) were not there against their will. I was left with the impression that the main character just had a "wild past" and one crazy night wasn't brought up again so as not to disrupt the social group, and in fact the brown-nailed witch was a kind of muck-raker or shit-stirrer trying to bring up past drama. Why, I suppose we'll never know.

Now, in a sequel, I could imagine what the player does now that they've become reacquainted with this memory. Lots of different ways to take it, and yeah definitely some that could be inappropriate for most audiences. The game ends abruptly, leaving the tension addressed only with uncomfortable gut-stirrings or confused laughter (the latter on my part, it seems).

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These are points I agree

These are points I agree with. Thank you for providing them.

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thank you both for the

thank you both for the important pointers. it's very refreshing to get such detailed and caring feedback.

Also thanks let-off-studios for the mention of Equus. I didn't know that play before but it looks very interesting and worth looking into.

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Very surreal and striking.

Very surreal and striking. It has that very chaotic appeal of a youtube poop, but much more deliberate feeling. The battle system was a cool reinterpretation of the rpgmaker battle system.

I think this is a windows 10 thing or something, but the fonts don't render correctly for me. I remember having this issue with Off but I don't remember how I solved it.

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I feel like the font not

I feel like the font not rendering correctly added to the experience...
Initially I had vague misgivings of the content but... I enjoyed this piece.
It's a different flavour of surrealism as say Space Funeral or Hylics' pop-surrealism. The full abstraction...
Thinking back on Equus comments. Maybe at the end it is simply people in Horse masks, who can say...