Elon M*sk's Incredible 3D Hyperloop Experience

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The latest in travel technology is at your fingertips in El*n M**k's 3D hyperloop experience, a game about my friend, E*on M***

Best played with a REAL PAIR of real 3D glasses for FULL IMMERSION!

PROOF that el*n m*sk is my friend: He faved one of my tweets once (SEE ATTACHMENT)

Enjoy "the experience". Please do not use El*n M**k's full name so as not to attract adbots. And also because he sucks.

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i'll just leave this

i'll just leave this here:

the hyperloop tunnel was very sensual. 5 out of 5

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thank you!

thank you!

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As a critique of the

As a critique of the hyperloop concept, I found this simulation fallacious and innacurate in a number of impor (1/665)

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I did use 3D glasses. I

I did use 3D glasses.
I laughed.

There is are some VR experiences that are similar to this. I love the feeling of being on rails in VR or in this case 3D. I'm a big fan of dioramas. THis is something different, but I just wanted to mention that.