1hgj: Pac Man

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PAC MAN, made for the One Hour Game Jam. This time, the theme was Misleading Title.

This ain't your grand-pappy's Pac Man! Use your MOUSE to move the hand. Press and hold the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to grab the Mans and release the button to Pac them in the backpack.

Try for a high score! Enjoy! Plays in nearly any browser.

Graphics and event coding in Clickteam Fusion by me. Sounds by Atari and Clickteam. Background music is "Aircord" by DST/Deceased Superior Technician, found on the gamesounds.xyz website.

Made For: 
An event


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Got 2487! The way they

Got 2487! The way they squish feels like packing jello. Nice use of the theme!

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Nice, I got 1174. I a couple times had a man go out of bounds. I love scooping them up. It was fun to find out that I could scoop up all of them at once rather than one at a time. I also really like "close enough". It makes me feel like the computer doesn't really think I did a very good job, but constantly.