there are definitely no trains in this game

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2019-02-02 16_08_10-New project (Construct 2 preview).png

Made for 1HGJ #197

Hit the boxes with your UFO to reveal a car. Hit some cars into each other, and you'll get a new method of transportation. Keep going, and you eventually will not find any trains, because there are no trains in this game.

Made For: 
An event


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The Look

Great artwork, and a very soothing vibe when all the vehicles are moving round all at the same time. Switching into reverse sets everything in motion again and it's satisfying to watch.

Nice job!

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As soon as I realized how to

As soon as I realized how to play, it immediately reminded me of 2048 and made me wonder what other games could be played with wacky controls. For the most part, I concentrated on filling the edges with cars and then backing them all up into the middle of the screen to see a bunch of collisions happen.

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I had some satisfying

I had some satisfying moments of swirly symmetry here.

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this was very meditative!

this was very meditative! thanks.
my score was: 2908

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I turned into a stupid baby playing this game. There's a Katamari like pleasure of just smacking things into each other.