The Missing Pharaoh

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A walk simulator with a good story.

Use the arrow keys to move

Music by:

Jake Clover
Made For: 
An event


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This is what I see when I

This is what I see when I extract the files.

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whoops lol sorry. i'll fix

whoops lol sorry. i'll fix that

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Game Now Playable

there. now you can actually play it!

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Wonderful! My bf read this over my shoulder and was saying 'hmmm' and 'oooh!' and 'haha' and 'hehehehehe'. I don't think I understood much of what was going on (maybe he did), but I liked the general tone and all of the drawings and the part where the lady jumped into the thing. Egypt is of great interest to me and this should go in the list of great Egyptian games and has inspired me to make games about Egypt again. I also really enjoyed the pacing and how I couldn't control the dialogue. I was very shocked at the choice(s) I made. I may return later and make another choice(s).