The Missing Pharaoh

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A walk simulator with a good story.

Use the arrow keys to move

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Jake Clover
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An event


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This is what I see when I

This is what I see when I extract the files.

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whoops lol sorry. i'll fix

whoops lol sorry. i'll fix that

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Game Now Playable

there. now you can actually play it!

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Wonderful! My bf read this over my shoulder and was saying 'hmmm' and 'oooh!' and 'haha' and 'hehehehehe'. I don't think I understood much of what was going on (maybe he did), but I liked the general tone and all of the drawings and the part where the lady jumped into the thing. Egypt is of great interest to me and this should go in the list of great Egyptian games and has inspired me to make games about Egypt again. I also really enjoyed the pacing and how I couldn't control the dialogue. I was very shocked at the choice(s) I made. I may return later and make another choice(s).

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thanks! with the bubbles I

thanks! with the bubbles I was mostly writing stream of consciousness, but my primary focus was to make it somewhat entertaining to read and not boring. so i made them change quickly, also because I was embarrassed about my writing. but turned out better than expected actually

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I enjoy the exotic nature of

I enjoy the exotic nature of the setting. I love watching documentaries about ancient civilizations and artifacts because it feels so alien.
I like how the dialogue includes all these strange references. I get the feeling that I am translating another language even though I only know English. The partial understanding is well balanced with the sense that there is are actual things that characters are communicating to each other about their desires and methods, but I'm not confident about what either of those are (which adds to the exoticism). This... acceptance-of-not-fully-understanding I experience is complimented by the way the speech bubbles are automatic and paced. It feels like they are either paced in such a way that I'm given some sort of permission by the author to skim, or that the author reads faster than me and has said "The details aren't all that important". Instructions to press 'Enter' during an early scene really establishes this even before the speech bubbles start moving too fast for my personal reading speed. The non-conclusion has a similar effect for me, basically determining this piece as a slice-of-life rather than some epic or joke.
Overall, it feels like an exploration of a fictional culture with the prompt of "Ancient Egypts's queens may have been like the girl who chose the jock (but I still want to be with her because even though she is cruel, she is cool)". I'm totally into that.

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Hi Clyde, thanks a lot for

Hi Clyde, thanks a lot for the comment! I was trying to make it silly/fun but I didn't want it to be too much of a joke, I'm glad that came across for you. I'm certainly not a fast reader and the bubble speed was to keep the game moving forward quickly and to emphasize the feeling that the details don't matter, as if it's not your business almost, and you're just looking in on the world through a window. i wanted that feeling like it's there whether you watch it or not.